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Welcome to the Dr. Dina Evan web site. Our mission is to help individuals awaken to their purpose through learning to develop conscious relationships. It is our belief that by understanding one’s purpose, everyone can help create a world built upon love rather than fear.

Here is the best secret you’ve ever heard and the most important question you have ever been asked!

The secret: This planet is a school, however the classes you need most in life, are not in a classroom. Every person in your life is a master teacher and your response to every experience reflects the truth of who you are.  You signed up for this class because this planet is about enlightenment and finding your purpose and these are found in the center of every relationship.

So the question is, are you being who you came here to be and are you doing what you came here to do?

The current and upcoming information here will open your mind and heart and show you why the changes you make in you, create a world event within. So, start your journey with our series of free video presentations by Dr. Dina Evan and let’s wake up together.

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