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Video-Cam and Phone Sessions

Can't get to Phoenix for a regular session? Want to talk about your path, your purpose, your relationship, your life or business goals? Need some clarity and short term support with transitional issues? Dr. Dina uses an extensive 25-year psychology background combined with intuitive ability to assist you on your path with video-cam sessions from anywhere in the world. Do you travel, or have a hectic schedule? Are in the entertainment or tech industry and simply can't get to Phoenix? Do what her other high profile or traveling clients do and simply call to make a phone or video-cam appointment to fit your schedule. Plan a time a place where you won't be interrupted for 50-55 minutes and begin the process. E-mailed forms, support material and exercises included. Any inappropriate or sexually explicit inquiries will be reported. Some issues may require a referral to local health care providers in your area. $100.00 per session. Call (602) 997-1200 or contact Dr. Dina here to schedule your appointment.

Private, confidential and fun! This is a take the voice of Spirit with you gift you can give yourself or a loved one anytime, anywhere.



Dr. Dina Bachelor Evan - Coaching for Individuals and Couples
Telephone: (602)997-1200 FAX: (602)997-0970

Call for appointments, schedule of workshops and personal growth activities, or to be included on our list for mailings and weekly email inspirational messages.