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Healing the Healer

At Glendale Community College:

Healing the Healer –3 CEU’s
Glendale Community College – Central Phx Classroom

Registration Begins in October.

WED195AD6008 -$195 plus book 13 week class begins January 25th through April 26th  2007– 3 Credit units. This is a course for people who want to be healers on the planet and for professionals who want to move from skilled technicians to profound facilitators of healing. A great experience for teachers, coaches, holistic practitioners and people who desire to bring more awareness, refined ethical standards, and deeper results to their practices, environments and families. Students will gain an understanding of how to establish boundaries, create ethical communication and deepen their work with patients, students and family members. This is an experiential class in which students will create their own personal or professional code of ethics for their lives and/or practices. Call 623 845 3333 refer to class listed in Spring book. 16 student maximum. Plan to attend and Call to register NOW!

Students tell us this 13 week class is transformational. "She is a gifted spiritual and psychic healer."

Licensee Program
Do you want your own business? Do you have the desire to feel good about changing the planet and helping people heal? If so consider the Licensee program to become a licensed Instructor of Healing the Healer Intensive. Program includes an internship, one-on-one training, and all licensed materials and support. We handle all administrative tasks and you simply teach.

Call about this program today and start fulfilling your purpose and doing what makes your heart happy. Length of training depends upon level of awareness, past experience, involvement in counseling or teaching related activities and skills. This program is custom designed to ensure your success.

Initial license package, training and internship $5450.00


Dr. Dina Bachelor Evan - Coaching for Individuals and Couples
Telephone: (602)997-1200 FAX: (602)997-0970

Call for appointments, schedule of workshops and personal growth activities, or to be included on our list for mailings and weekly email inspirational messages.