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Are you asking…

What is love really about? How do I create relationships that last? Where has the joy and in love feeling gone? Is it time to leave or time to learn? How do we communicate without arguing? How do we set and respect boundaries? Why is loving someone so painful? How do we deal with differences? How do we stop unnecessary chaos and drama? How did sex become boring? How do I put equality, fairness and ecstasy back in my relationships?

Now Dina Bachelor Evan, Ph.D. answers these questions and provides the tools she's been using with a 90% success rate with couples for more than 20 years of counseling. This warm accessible information helps couples create and maintain happy, sacred relationships. Dr. Evan powerfully and clearly helps guide couples out of dysfunction, pathology and chaos to more elevated and fulfilling lives and commitments. Dr Evan has written two powerful books that contain new, exciting tools.

Love Always * New Release

Love Always, helps traditional couples create a new kind of marriage in a society that is facing a revolution, or major evolution, of marriage as we know it. This book helps couples beyond gender issues, power issues, equality issues, sexual issues, communication and intimacy difficulties into profound spiritual connection based on love and truth. Bring joy and excitement back into traditional marriage/relationship and learn to elevate your relationships to sacred understandings. Move from painful pathology to your powerful soul path. Read more about this book and order here or email DrDBE@attglobal.net for more information.


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It's All Me

This is a workbook designed for individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is an excellent workbook for therapists to give to clients to help them understand their courageous response to abuse and begin healing. The workbook provides DID clients with tools to help them feel safe enough to begin the healing process. It also helps both therapists and clients create good boundaries and a language and dialog that promotes deeper, safer healing. $20.00 plus postage. Order here or contact Dr. Dina here for more information.


Self Help Books Online
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Break Up or Break Through
(New Second Edition - Available in Stores on November 10th)


Break Up or Break Through addresses the unique issues facing non-traditional couples who are attempting to create lasting commitments and emotionally healthy families.Get the tools you need to deal with issues of societal pressure, a lack of role models, a lack of commitment, lack of communication, and poor community boundaries. Create lasting long-term commitments and deep intimacy. Resolve old issues and embrace the true spirituality and soul pathof gay relationships. Experience safe exercises that create a path to each other. Elevate your relationships to higher understanding and joy. It's time to move from pathology to path. Order from Amazon.com or purchase your copy in any major bookstore or chain.


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Love From The Inside Out

Now in it is second printing, Love From The Inside Out will move you gently and touch you profoundly. This book is a gift item and will be autographed upon request. The book contains poetry on mind, body and spirit love. Sometimes in a funny way, sometimes in an electrifying way, Dr. Evan transcends the separations and old divisions of lifestyle, ethnicity, gender and spiritual belief. Her poetry unites us in the reality that this one emotion is the most profound in the universe.


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*** Amazing Space CD ***

Voted BEST MEDITATION by Sitting in Spirit Groups!

Now the most requested meditations are on a 60-minute CD. People tell us this amazing energy balancing and chakra opening meditation takes them deeper than any other meditation CD they have ever used. The first 30-minute track takes you deep into a cleansing and balancing process that leaves you feeling centered, alive, energized, and clear. The 2nd track is for resolving past trauma or life experiences that continue to hold you back and affect your life and journey today. Release these negative experiences in a safe and loving way and begin to create what you desire. Click here to get more in-depth information about the CD.

Order yours today.

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*** Breathe Daily Inspiration Calendar***

It's here, an attractive perpetual calendar with all the best of Dina’s Weekly Messages. This calendar is not only beautiful, it is also filled with instant inspiration, wit, wisdom and insight to enlighten and inspire for years to come. Stand is included. A great gift. Click here to get more in-depth information about the calendar.

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Break Through Inspiration Cards

Dina has also created a great Gift Set of channeled inspirations that somehow provide that perfect message for the day. Three hundred and sixty-five days a years you will find the universe has exactly the right way of providing you with the message you need for the issue with which you are dealing.

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If you have read Break Up or Break Through and you found the book valuable, please go to Amazon.com and rate the book so others will be inclined to try this tool as well. If you have not yet read the book, order it now because it is packed with new tools and ideas for creating sacred relationships that last!


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